Category: Writs

Court of Appeal Stays Order Directing Mother to Return to Mexico

The Court of Appeal has stayed an order directing a victim of domestic violence to return to the family home in Mexico with her two children.  Martin represents the mother in her appeal of the return order.  He filed a petition for writ of supersedeas asking for a stay of the order pending appeal, which the Court of Appeal granted by a 2-1 vote.

Court of Appeal Rejects Apple’s Challenge to Class Certification

By a 2-1 vote, the Court of Appeal has rejected Apple’s challenge to an order certifying a class of Apple employees and former employees who seek damages for meal and rest period violations and late final paychecks.  Martin represented the plaintiffs and filed a brief defending the class certification order.

L.A. Dodgers Writ Petition Denied

The Court of Appeal has denied a writ petition filed by the L.A. Dodgers seeking the dismissal of claims brought by Bryan Stow, the victim of a brutal attack in the parking lot of Dodgers stadium.  Martin filed an opposition to the writ petition on behalf of Stow.