Category: Writs

Court of Appeal Denies Writ Petitions in Killing by Parolees

The Court of Appeal has denied writ petitions brought by the State of California and manufacturers of GPS tracking devices in a case involving a murder committed by two sex-offender parolees who were supposed to be subject to continuous GPS monitoring.  Martin represented the family of the decedent, and filed a 30-page opposition to the petitions before they were denied.

Court of Appeal Denies Writ Petition in Dog-Bite Case

The Court of Appeal has denied a writ petition brought by a homeowner whose son’s dog bit the tip off an eight-year old boy’s nose. ┬áMartin represented the boy on appeal, and he filed a 20-page opposition to the petition before it was denied.

$90 Million Settlement Affirmed

In a published opinion, the Court of Appeal has affirmed a $90 million settlement between Shell and 1,491 residents of a housing tract contaminated with hydrocarbons from decommissioned oil tanks.  Martin represented the plaintiffs in opposing a writ petition filed by developer defendants who challenged the settlement.