Category: Petitions for Review

California Supreme Court Denies Apple’s Petition

The California Supreme Court has denied Apple’s petition for review of an order certifying a class of Apple employees and former employees seeking damages for meal and rest period violations and late final paychecks.  Martin represented the plaintiffs and filed a brief opposing Apple’s petition for review.

Supreme Court Reinstates Victory for Victims of Medical Device

In a victory for patients who have sued Medtronic for injuries caused by its INFUSE bone-graft medical device, the California Supreme Court on August 20 dismissed review in Coleman v. Medtronic, Inc. and ordered the Court of Appeal’s opinion republished.  Earlier this year, the Court of Appeal had ruled that a number of product liability claims against Medtronic were not preempted by federal law.  The Supreme Court initially granted review, but Martin later filed a motion to dismiss review and republish the Court of Appeal’s opinion.  By doing just that, the Supreme Court has reinstated the Court of Appeal’s opinion as a citeable decision with precedential value.

California Supreme Court Grants Review in Dangerous Condition Case

On March 20, 2013, the California Supreme Court unanimously granted Martin’s petition for review in Cordova v. City of Los Angeles, No. S208130.  The Court granted review on the following issue: May a government entity be liable where it is alleged that a dangerous condition of public property existed and caused the injury plaintiffs suffered in an accident, but did not cause the third party conduct that led to the accident?